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Sex & Relationships Assessment

Ever wonder if you have sex addiction, love addiction or codependency issues?

Ever wonder if your past trauma is effecting your intimate relationships?

Ever wonder what your attachment style or communication style is?

Ever wonder what it might be like to be in a romantic relationship with yourself?


Many of us don’t know how to “do” healthy relationships.  Either we were not given a great example of it growing up, or maybe we have some trauma from our past that prevents us from being able to trust and be the partner that we want to be.  There are not many people in this world that have not been effected by some type of childhood traumatic experience.  Most of us have attachment wounds that we are not aware of.  Oftentimes, we can function quite well in the world… until we enter into a romantic relationship.  When we get into romantic relationships, this is where all of our trauma responses start to act up and we are left wondering why we did certain things, or how we always fall into similar patterns. 


If this sounds familiar, it may be of great benefit to get a full psychological assessment to see what trauma from your past may be getting in the way of your ability to have a healthy, loving intimate relationship.



Dr. Stanford offers a comprehensive Sexual Health & Relationships Assessment. 

This assessment will include:

  • Initial 1.5 hour interview to discuss your romantic relationship history, family of origin and specific concerns related to relationships and/or intimacy
  • Completion and evaluation of the following psychological assessment tools:
    • ECR-R, to assess attachment style
    • Friel Co-Dependency assessment
    • Communication styles assessment
    • SAST, to assess concerns related to sex addiction
    • LASA, to assess concerns related to love addiction
    • ACE Questionnaire, to assess childhood trauma
    • PTSD checklist to assess symptoms and effects of trauma over lifetime
  • Scoring and analysis of assessments and interview information
  • Written results
  • Final1 hour results session to discuss results and recommendations.  All sessions will be conducted over zoom, so you can be anywhere in the country. 


Dr. Stanford is a trauma expert with extensive experience in healthy sexuality and psychological assessment. This unique set of assessment tools will provide invaluable information that can help you better understand yourself and build a customized path to recovery. This comprehensive package of in-depth psychological analysis and therapeutic intervention is valued at $1850 when purchased separately, but you'll receive a $650 discount by purchasing the assessment package.

Package #1:

Awareness: Comprehensive Assessment including all of the above: $1200

Package #2:

Foundations: Comprehensive Assessment plus 4 additional sessions with Dr. Stanford to set you on your way with a solid base $1,800

Package #3:

Transformations: Basic Assessment plus 10 additional sessions with Dr. Stanford $2,800- BEST VALUE